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Thursday, February 09, 2012

411 for week ending: February 10th, 2012

Where’s there smoke, there is fire… the marriage between a Superstar celebrity couple on the rocks? Let’s hope not!

Did this Superstar really have a baby a few weeks ago….she is out and about already?….hmmmmmmmm!

Is this reality Star so consumed with stardom that she is neglecting her family. Her young son stays in trouble, and he could headed for a disaster.


Khaliah said...

Will and Jada for the first one, maybe?

Beyonce for the #2

Duchess said...

super star couple JayZ and Beyonce though I hope not. Reality star Ne Ne Leakes

Anonymous said...

1. Will and Jada
2. Beyonce
3. Nene Leakes

DivaDialogue said...

#1) Will & Jada Smith, #2) Beyonce, & #3) NeNe Leakes.

Anonymous said...

The Smith's
NeNe Leakes

Anonymous said...

I believe the first one is Will and Jada and the second one is Beyonce. My guess for the third one is Nene Leakes because is always chasing the spotlight.

Anonymous said...

heard it was a surrogate. i dont think she wanted to mess up her body.

Anonymous said...

For the third, I'm thinking Bristol Palin